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Here are the top ten reasons why people decide to remove their in-ground swimming pool:

1. Kids have grown older and are no longer interested in using the pool.
2. Remodel/Repair cost are costly.
3. Pool-owners do not want to be liable for an accident that may occur in their pool.
4. The pool takes too much space and homeowners want to claim back their backyard.
5. It is a great challenge to sell a home that has a pool.
6. A pool devalues the price of the house if it is on sale.
7. Getting rid of the pool can lower your property taxes and homeowner’s insurance.
8. Liability and maintenance costs are too costly.
9. Getting rid of the pool saves water and energy.
10. Taking care of the pool takes too much time and effort.

Why Homeowners Should Hire Us to get
their In-Ground Swimming Pool Removed?

We are bonded, licensed, insured and EPA certified for your safety. We have liability insurance coverage in the event of any accident during your in-ground swimming pool removed project. As a Silicon Valley professional In-ground pool removal contractor, we can provide you with all types of residential in-ground pool removal services. NOECON General Engineering Contractor will make sure to have your pool removed as time- and cost- efficient possible.


Removing a pool requires a complicated number of steps. From filling out the permit to finishing the final grading, NOECON is there to do it from start to finish, making it hassle-free for the client. First, the prospective client gets in touch with us by dialing 510-435-0829 or filling out the form in the “GET AN ESTIMATE” page. If by e-mail, you will be contacted within 48 hours. Here, you are free to ask any questions relevant to our services that you have or go ahead and/or schedule a free in-home consultation. During the consultation, details will be reviewed and an estimate will be proposed. If you decide to go ahead with NOECON then Noe, the owner and operator, will discuss further details about the contract and the process, including a start date. Once this is done, Noe moves forward with the City permits and as soon as they are approved, we get started with the dirty work! First, the site is cleared by removing any fences and/or shrubs that will get in the way of getting the project done. Then the utilities are disconnected for safety issues, this includes the water, electricity and gas lines. Once this is done, any water left in the pool is pumped out. Finally, the pool is demolished but the steps after this can vary depending on the type of pool removal that the client chooses for us to carry out. For example, the broken concrete can either be used to fill the hole or it can be hauled away out of the site. After this is done, an inspector from a local building department comes by and approves the job that has been done until this point and the client gets a phone or email notification regarding this. To finish the job, the pool hole is filled with clean soil, compacted tightly, and rough graded. AND VOILA! You have a site ready to build a beautiful patio.

Former Client’s

“When I was told that my pool could be removed and the entire yard graded and ready for landscaping in just three work days, I was very skeptical. However, Noe was incredible. As a machinery operator, the machine became like an extension of himself. I was most impressedwith his strategy-using the rubble he created to make a ramp into the pool, then getting to work from the inside out. The level of his multi-tasking, the efficiency of his operations and accuracy of his demolition and excavation were so great that we all had the work done with time to spare. That only happens when the people at work are extremely experienced. Hiring Noe and letting him take care of all the details was the best part of our entire project, as he was so careful of all of the details. I would highly recommend Noe to anyone needing any construction, excavation, or demolition projects…Unless I need him at the same time! I will definitely use Noe on my next project, no matter the size.” JP Nelson

“My swimming pool wasn’t getting much use, with the kids grown up and moved away. It needed repairs and I decided to have it removed. The process involved breaking up the concrete shell, and filling the hole with many loads of new dirt. My wife and I worried about damage to our landscape and to the concrete patio from the demolition, and from the equipment carrying and compacting dirt. Noe Gonzalez performed much of the work. He understood our concern, and was amazingly careful while using all of the big machines. Several other companies wanted to demo the patio as well as the pool and then build a new patio. The extra expense would have been enormous. The contractors didn’t want to or didn’t know how to cut the rounded shape of our pool with the concrete saw. Noe did this for us and managed to leave much of the existing patio in place, with a fairly smooth inside edgeThis saved us a lot of time and money. I especially appreciated these things from Noe: he is experienced and skillful, he listens and he cares about his customer.” -Rob Drew.

“He did a great job excavating the pool and all of the concrete decking around it. He was careful and very surgical with the excavator when it came to things I didn’t want touched. I’ll definitely use him again.” Rich